Date Location Activities
12 October Departure Amsterdam Flight
13 October Flight to Sydney Flight
14 October Arrival Sydney Flight / Arrival Sydney
15 October University of Sydney Symposium
16 October CSIRO Symposium
17 October Sydney Excursion
18 October University of Wollongong Symposium
19 October Flight to Melbourne Flight / Arrival Melbourne
20 October Melbourne Free time
21 October University of Melbourne Symposium
22 October Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Symposium
23 October Dairy Australia Symposium
24 October University of Deakin - Waterfront campus Symposium
25 October University of Deakin - Burwood Campus Symposium
26 October Departure Melbourne Flight
27 October Arrival Amsterdam Flight / Arrival Amsterdam

The following research areas are of interest: nutrigenomics, pharmacology, epidemiology & public health, physiology, sensory science & behaviour and international nutrition

Important themes: energy balance, nutrition and sports, chronic illness (e.g. cardio- vascular diseases, cancer, diabetes). Metabolic syndrome, nutrition & ageing, nutrition genes, nutritional patterns, satiety and nutritional deficiencies.



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